Dec 31, 2012

Overview of 2012 Overseas Trips

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In June, seven volunteers travelled to Zambia for 10 days. The Nutrition Clinic officially started and on the first day, over 400 infants under 5 attended. The I4L group brought over a mobile tent to base the Clinic in. After this visit, the Zambian Health Authorities officially recognised the Nutrition Clinic and assigned a nutritionist to cover it. The I4L group also provided health education to the local Zambian staff including screening for malnutrition and advice on the appropriate food to use.

Immunisation 4 Life volunteers with NERI Clinics staff in June 2012. Back row from left: Maeve Gacquin, Senior Dietician, Galway Clinic; Stephanie Coen, Midwife, Galway University Hospitals; Maura Moran, PHN, Galway; Katherine Farrell, PHN, Galway; Hilary Lane, PHN, Cork; and Dr Kevin Connolly, Consultant Paediatrician. Front row NERI Clinics Staff, from left: Sr Barbra Banda, Gift Mwale, Mr Tenford Banda, Harriet Chongo, Philip Mubanga, Sr Gienala Kaluba and Sarah Franklin.

The second trip to Zambia was in November and five volunteers travelled on this trip. The rains hadn’t come and the crops were failing so there was a high incidence of malnutitrion among children. An opportunity arose for two of the I4L group, both Consultant Paediatricians to do a round at the local hospital where there were many acutely ill children.